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XENO3.0 Pixel

1. 16gb SD card,new sound effects and functions can be added through SD card·


3. 34 kinds of sound fonts, can be expanded more, fonts support custom

4. 9 Light effect: Steady/Pulse/Rainbow blade/Candy blade/Unstable/Crack blade/Fire blade/Hyper/Spark

5. 12 Blade mode: Standard blade/Velocity blade/Torch blade/Blaster blade/Ghost blade/Broken ignition/Stack ignition/Photon ignition/Warp ignition/Phaser ignition/Scavenger ignition/Hunter ignition

6.Features:Play music/Lock up/Drag/Infinite color change/Force effect/Blaster deflect/Flash on clash/Stab/Spin/Melt/Lighting Block/Multi lock mode/Dueling mode/gesture control/bluetooth/Smooth Swing/Pixel to RGB

7.Using WAV audio files for playback, the audio is clearer without distortion, and the combination of a high fidelity amplifier and a 4W high-power speaker makes the sound louder

8. Supports Bluetooth APP connection, and can be upgraded through Bluetooth to enable on/off, color change, volume adjustment, brightness and blade length adjustment, sound and light effects selection, battery percentage viewing, sensitivity adjustment, and one click factory settings restoration.

9. Specific switch mode:Push-and-pull turn on or off, twist turn on or off, swing turn on or off

Package List:

1* Hilt,1* Blade,1* Charging Cable,1* User Manual,1* Screw Pack,1* Packing Box

Trouble Shooting
Issue 1 – Saber has no sound
Saber may be in mute mode. Turn off the saber, then hold the button for 0.5 seconds to change sound
Issue 2 – Saber loses either red, blue or green color does not light up at all, or has no swing or clash sounds
Charge the battery for one hour, as this is likely a low battery issue. Removing and reinstalling the battery may fix it if the issue is not related to charge.
Issue 3 – When charging, saber cues ‘charging’ then immediately indicated ‘ready’
The battery is not making contact properly with the plates inside. Open the saber and carefully adjust the connectors so that the positive and negative both touch easily.
Issue 4 – If any other problem occurs that the above methods won’t fix
Please contact our customer service team.

XENO3.0 Pixel, Proffie


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